Jun 27, 2009


profiteroles? you ask. yes, or cream puffs, or choux. the older niece's confirmation will be in few weeks and my mom made a test batch to try different fillings. but then i came and the kids and suddenly there weren't any to be filled. have you ever tried them slightly cooled, just as they are? yam, just don't eat too many, you'll start feeling queasy. anyways, because we ate what mom was supposed to try and fill, i made another batch

cream puffs have been on my to do list for a while. don't know why i've put them off for so long, they aren't that hard to make. i just won't be making more anytime soon, not that they aren't good but because i will eat them all myself. and i can't let that happen to my already suffering waistline

the campaign "empty the freezer" has been going on also at the cottage. i've tried a few pie dough recipes, this time i tried one from the modern baker

there is no food processor at the cottage so i used a potato masher to mix butter and flour, why haven't i thought of this before?!

there were some minor difficulties in the process of getting this baked, but it tasted great. mom likes a rye crust better. the filling is chantarelles, onion and chives, sour cream and eggs

fried aubergine and grav whitefish on rye, you really ought to try this!

we didn't stay cooped up indoors the whole time, mom took the kids row boating. or should i say my nephew took my mom and niece for a boatride?

certain someone has been far away and is coming back sometime today. i'm anxious to see what i'll get as a souvenir...

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