May 18, 2009

mother's day lunch, wrist update

yes, i know, mother's day was a week ago, my excuse is a whimsical internet connection. we went to moose manor for the lunch. they actually have 3 moose in a corral.

here is one of the younger ones, the oldest has suffered a broken leg and is not with the young ones. it's leg has been in a cast and the vet things the moose will be fine. the proprietors are anxious to find out what happens in autumn. the 3 moose they have are as "domesticated" as moose can be but they do live in the middle of a forest that is a natural habitat of many a moose (my dad should know, it's one of his hunting club's designated areas). i'm not sure how i feel about these moose being in a corral, or captivity i should say. it surely is good for the manor's business attracting tourists, but still

this one has ended up on the wall

for starters we had creamy soup with smoked moose

one option for main course was arctic char with morel sauce. loved the mushrooms, the fish didn't quite impress me. but then again, i have been spoiled with fresh fish because my dad's fishing. let me tell you, there aren't many things better than zander, you only need butter to saute it and salt to taste

the other main course option was a steak with cognac cream sauce. didn't taste the meat but potatoes were very tasty

my nieces and nephew loved the fact that there were so many desserts... strawberry cream cake, tiramisu-type cake, cream puffs, fruit salad, which would have been nice except for the liquor in it and an ellen svinhufvud cake

the wrist isn't any better eventhough surgeon the great said that he'd fix it with one shot he called "the cocktail". first of all, there are 4 not 1 things wrong in the wrist (there is a 5mm tear in a ligament, some detrition at the end of ulna, that being the cause of one nerve sliding to a wrong place, and there were chronic tenosynovitis on 3 separate areas). this was explaned to me, i do have the medical report but there are many weird words so i find the report hard to understand. for clarity's sake, finnish words for bones and things under skin are in no relation to their original latin names, say, like in english. however, the doctors are using the latin names in their reports. anyways, surgeon the great said the wrist'd would be good as new. well, it's not. can you tell that i'm rather p***** off.

surgery was an option before the MRI, but all should have been better after the shot. now i don't know what will happen next, i do know that this wrist will cause me and at least another set of doctors more pain...

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