May 9, 2009

pepper steaks, rosettes and fat squirrels

mom had dug into the freezer and found 2 packages marked "moose steak", their contents couldn't have been more different. my initial idea was to make stroganoff of the meats but the cuts were way too good for that. this one was tied, browned on all sides and cooked in a finnish design dutch oven with onions and carrot. later on, i took the meat and vegetables out, reduced the liquid and added some cream. delicious, with mom's mashed potatoes

in the other package was a wonderful moose tenderloin which ended up as pepper steaks. classic dish, sear the steaks on a hot pan, add cream and some brandy. there aren't too many dishes that beat this one

my dad's paternal grandmother was an excellent cook and baker. i'm glad i got to meet her, i think i was 6 when she died. i remember we used to go and visit her regularly, she always had something fresh out of oven. when i was a kid i saw the box in the next pic and played with its' contents never quite thinking what it's for. the other day, while fighting boredom i found a recipe for rosettes. meanwhile, mom had found this box in their storage, there was a simple recipe for rosettes inside the box and there were plenty of people at the cottage to finish of a batch...

today the little red dutch oven was working overtime after decades of neglect

the very simple recipe in the box for batter for these rosettes, or waffles, is similar to batter used for crepes, only slightly thicker. the recipe i posted in the link is from martha stewart and is a bit more complicated, but equally good, i'm sure. this batch tasted like a combination of crepes and doughnuts. these are not for anyone on a diet, though

the squirrels are getting fat. over the years dad has been trying to figure out ways to hang out fat (in the winter) for birds so that the squirrels can't get their tiny paws on it. this one has figured out a way to do it anyway. the squirrels do provide fair bit of amusement for us with their acrobatics

this one is either too fat or too lazy (or both!), it dines on sunflower seeds

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