May 20, 2009

pulla, buns, slap in the ear

a slap in the ear is korvapuusti and korvapuusti is a sweet pastry bun. michelle on big black dog blog has already posted the how to's on the dough. if you're really interested, read my comments on her blog on how my dough and hers differ. this piece of dough has apple sauce and cinnamon on it.

i rolled it, cut to pieces and placed on a baking tin to proof before baking

after baking, my mom makes this with cinnamon + sugar filling and that is called a boston cake

this batch has the cinnamon + sugar in, cutting into pieces

i'm using paper tins here, just make them a little different

before oven these need an eggwash

fresh out of oven

this is the slap in the ear, or the butterfly michelle has on her blog

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