Feb 9, 2011

oven roasted lemon chicken, sprouts...& eggnog

i had wanted to roast a chicken, and make chicken soup, for a while now. brought two fresh roasting chickens with me to the cottage. i end up cooking a lot more at the cottage as there are more people to feed. had these babies for dinner yesterday and they were delish!

started with these:
2 fresh roasting chickens
8 carrots
2 yellow onions
2 red onions
brussels sprouts
1 lemon
2 tsbp soft butter
salt (yes!), crushed black pepper

peeled the carrots, sliced the yellow onions to approx 1cm slices, placed the onion on the bottom of a roasting tin, then placed the carrots on top the of onions

then grated half of the lemon and squeezed some of lemon juice onto the butter, added generous amounts of salt and black pepper to butter, halved and then quartered the lemon halves, seasoned them with salt and black pepper.

stuffed the lemon chunks into chickens, mixed butter well and smeared it onto chicken before placing them in 200C oven for 1 hr.

close to when the chickens were done, i started the side dish. first rinsed and halved the sprouts, then sliced the red onions quite fine.

started by sauteeing the onions for a few minutes, removed them onto a plate and first sauteed the sprouts in 1 tbsp butter before adding some water (in two batches) to steam them. when the sprouts were almost done, i added the onions to the pan to warm them. just before serving poured some balsamico on top.

i did take a picture of my plate but i guess i was too hungry to pay attention to its quality...

there was plenty of chicken left over but that was intentional...that was for the chicken soup that i made today (but that is for tomorrow to post about)

certain someone had asked if there was a reason one couldn't have eggnog besides christmas...well, i guess there isn't. and as there were what was needed, and plenty of booze to choose from...

mom even found nutmeg...and vanilla

i made what one of the recipes called "one portion"...it made 8 glasses...mom and i both had one, the guys ended up drinking the rest, i think they might have spiked them up, a bit...

my first attemp at eggnog, not bad but overly sweet for my taste. certain someone seemed to develop an addiction...

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  1. you prepare a lot of wonderful food!



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