Feb 8, 2011

grated soup

spending some time at the cottage visiting my parents with certain someone and the dog. lunch today was simple and very easy vegetable soup, here's certain someone's portion with a blob of spreadable cheese with tiny specks of smoked reindeer meat.

here is what went in:
2 medium size sweet potatoes
4 small carrots
2 parsnips
100 gr celeriac
1 white onion
2 tbsp ginger
1 cube buillion

i grated everything with a microplane grater (by now, you all must know how much i like mircoplanes...). if you're worried about your eye-makeup getting smudged, you might want to consider using a knife for mincing the onion...grating it will certainly make you cry (on the other hand, a goog cry never hurt anyone). and for those of you who might occasionally have the need to hide onion in any dish, grating it makes it dissappear...

placed all the grated goodness in a pot on the (wood burning) stove, added water to barely cover the veggies and let it simmer for 15 mins...

once everything was cooked i took the immersion blender and gave the soup a whirl before adding 1 dl creme fraiche and mixing well. no salt, except for dad who thought he soup tasted sweet...

added some crisp bread on my portion. the amount of ginger was spot on, i think i might have added some thyme if not for my dad...there is something about thyme that disagrees with him...or rather, the other way around.

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