Feb 12, 2011

chicken soup a la cottage

as there was a lot of left-over, on purpose, of the roasted chicken, there was bound to be a chicken soup...

i had saved the scraps from the day before when preparing the veggies for roasting. made the stock by simmering the scraps, chicken bones and skins for about an hour. then strained the solids and skimmed some of the fat on top.

then added a fresh set of carrots, parsnips and celeriac and cooked for 10 mins

i don't usually go for white pasta, but this fresh fettucine was on sale at the local grocery store, and i thought it would be great in the chicken soup (it was).

after 10 mins i added the fettucine, chicken, a small tin of sweet corn and cubed celelry (3 stalks) and simmered for 5 more mins.

this batch served the 4 of us at the cottage two lunches. the next day i added a few drops of toasted sesame oil to my portion for a little asian kick...

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  1. i just made chicken soup yesterday. perfect for a cold day. i like that you added corn in yours. i will try it next time. i also like the idea of the fettucine.

    paz ;-)


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