Dec 12, 2010

winter & winter food

certain someone and i took the icy roads to the cottage to visit with my parents, we left the dog home to keep company to certain someone's mom.

the ice-lanterns light the path to the little cottage where we sleep. it took my parents a good 2 days to warm up the little cottage, it was -10C inside when they started...

the sauna, a must even in the freezing -12C weather

the lake is almost frozen, very early for it to happen

the low sun made everything georgeously sparkly

everything is frozen a round the shoreline

just don't go walking on the ice...

my dad and i went to get some smoked ham from a guy who does it at his house (in almost middle of nowhere)

the guy's father had originally built this smoking house/hut decades ago. i was warned that the buckets contain the fat the drips from the hams...there was plenty of it! he uses freshly cut alder for maximum smoke

he also had these cute calves in the byre

what would a farmhouse be without a farmhouse dog? he was a very puffy

back at the cottage we had to taste the gooood!

this fatty (although i think fatty doesn't apply to him, he's too thin) came to feast with the sunflower seeds and peanuts my dad puts out for the birds

the sun just makes everything so much prettier

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