Dec 13, 2010

aladdin on ice

on sunday i went to see the little niece perform in aladdin on ice. almost 2 years ago somebody revived the ice skating club in my hometown. little niece was sold almost instantly and she now eats and sleeps skating, making her way from point A to point B by way of pirouettes and jumps, not forgetting to pose on the way...

the show was quite charming as everyone from the club got to skate in it. the youngest can barely stand on their skates, but these two were rather skillful. the local newspaper has more (and better) pictures.

the little niece played fire

i didn't think the tiny arena would be filled to the last seat, bearing in mind that outside temp was -18C when they started, it wasn't much "warmer" inside the hall. my nephew dared to make comments on how i looked ready for a polar excursion. i did wear quite many layers of clothing...

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