Nov 24, 2010

views & pulla

monday morning at the shack...

manhattan skyline on tuesday evening, as seen from long island city

i wanted to make it look like the moon had popped out of the pepsi bottle but that would have required a dip in the east river...hmm, too cold!

was visiting friends the whole day yesterday, ended up experimenting with cream cheese, blueberries and pulla, quite nice if i say so myself...


  1. Looks delicious! How did you do it - roll out the dough, spread the cream cheese and berries, and roll it up?

  2. yep, rolled the dough, added some vanilla and sugar to cream cheese and mixed them smooth, then spread the cheese evently, then sprinkled the berries on top. it was delish! but it's weird how flour is different in different countries...


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