Nov 20, 2010

the dog & other mischievous animals

i've been on leave for a week and it seems i haven't managed to get much done...well, i did pack for nyc but the forecast keeps changing as per new day! i'm tempted to pack just the bare essentials and shop as i need warmer or water-proofer...

on tuesday i had a brilliant idea of making popcorn the old-fashioned way (in a kettle for those of the microwave generation), the few that popped were quite nice. there were several (well, the most) un-popped kernels, one of which busted a tooth so bad i had to go the destist and get it "fixed". small fracture and instructions to eat soft foods and avoid hot/cold drinks for 2 weeks. just what i wanted to hear right before a trip to nyc and the horn of gastronimic abundance!!

there are villains around at the shack. this, namely the dog, is supposed to stand guard...but with the weather getting colder, and with the snow and all, he seems to think that he can spend his days on this comfy chair and not even look out...

this little bird has developed an un-natural affection to my car mirrors. or, could it be he is just a bit vain and need to check his feathers? the little bugger comes every day, several times a day, to admire himself on the mirrors

well, it is kinda cute, but i do not appriciate all the poop left behind

this creature comes to eat apples...

he seems to know where to find the best (there are still some hanging on branches)

meanwhile, what does the brave guard dog do? play with his stuffed toys, of course! this would be the rat...

...the teddy bear...

...and the panda, which also serves as a pillow

ps. the deer seem to have no scruples...during the night, they came all the way to the door...the dog blissfully unaware of them...

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  1. I loved the glimpses of all your little creatures.
    Especially the dog!
    Buster says HI!

    Hope to see you in NY!
    tel 212 989 0503


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