Jun 5, 2010

two-day depression

i went for a post-operation check-up with the doc on monday...let me tell ya, monday was not a good day. i know the wrist isn't even close to what i would like it to be (pain-free would be nice) but when i described the sensations to the doc, it looked like she wasn't happy either. she frowned and started her sentence "unfortunately there isn't yet good prosthesis for wrists..."

now, i'm willing to admit i misunderstood something, but she did say there is one more operation (sauve kapandji) that they could try in case there is no improvment by august. yeah, right. like i'll i'm looking forward for that!

tuesday was not a good day either. on wednesday afternoon i had an appointment with my physiotherapist and, halleluja, he saved my week. he seems to think that it's no surprise that the wrist isn't doing better as it got weak gradually over longer period of time, it's going to take more time to get it back in shape. so there, got rid of the blues.

here's something that i've cooked up recently. first super-easy and fast pasta dish, you'll only need (whole wheat)noodles, broccoli and tuna in satay-sauce

honestly, 10 mins and you got lunch, or dinner. first cook the noodles, add the somewhat thawed broccoli for the last minute of cooking to noodles, drain and add the tuna. any leftovers will be nice even cold

i often ban myself of buying ice-cream, for a reason. i only eat one particular brand and if there is any in the freezer, i'll finish the whole package in no time. and i'm not talking days, i'm talking hours...

then my sister-in-law introduces this sinful delight...fortunately they sell these in tiny one-portion packages or i'd be huge in no time...

did you ever eat avocado warm? neither did i, but few weeks ago i was staying at my apartment and there was "nothing" in the fridge, except for eggs, avocado and spring onions. eggs made me think omelette, avocado then...

...avocado is good with chilli powder and i always put chilli powder on my omelette, so why not put avocado onto omelette? this was actually quite tasty!

i've made jansson's temptation before (here and here) but since we are in the "easy" category, i thought i'd post it again. here's what went in:

1 kg of frozen potato-onion mix (you don't even need to thaw them)
3 dl cooking cream (go as fat or light as you want)
2 100 gr tins of anchovies (whether they actually are anchovies, that's another story)

into an oven dish, pour one third of the potato-onion mix, arrage the anchovies in one tin on top

pour another one third of potatoes and arrange the anchovies in the other tin on top. if you think the anchovies are too big for your taste, chop them up a bit (but then that would mean more work...)

pour rest of the potatoes on top, pour the cream in and finish...

...by pouring in the brine from one anchovy tin. if you like your food a bit more saltier pour in the brine of the other tin as well

bake in 220C oven for approx 30 tp 40 mins. you'd want a somewhat crispy top and almost mushy potatoes. well, that's how i like my temptation, anyway

and you absolutely need pickled beets to go with

i really need to shape up and start posting more regularly again. the pile of back-logged pictures is getting higher day by day...

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