May 18, 2012

triple lemon chicken

some time ago i was spring cleaning the herb patch, and got rid of the two thymes that had gone a bit wild. the other was lemon thyme and while handling the plant i got this amazing lemon fragrance and got thinking that it would be a shame to toss all of i saved some and figured out a way to use it.

took out some whole grain spelt pasta.

grated the zest of one organic lemon.

minced some thyme and mixed it with lemon zest.

squeezed the juice of the lemon on a few calamata olives.

placed some thyme springs even in the pasta water.

browned the chicken cutlets on high heat with some thyme sprigs.

poured in the olives and lemon juice, then added some cream and brought everything to a boil. the cutlets were quite thin so they were cooked pretty fast. you could do this with any part of chicken, and adjust the heat and cooking time accordingly.

before serving i took the cutlets out and poured the drained pasta into the sauce. served with iceberg-cuke-tomato salad with lemon vinaigrette. triple lemon? 1:lemon thyme, 2:lemon zest, 3: lemon juice. not a friend of olives, just leave them out. this is super easy and you have dinner in 15 mins.


  1. Oh this looks so good !
    Don't you love when you find a forgotten treasure, the lemon thyme, and find an exciting use for it.
    I so enjoy your blog, I have you on my reader but I don't always comment.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. hi parsnip,
    glad you enjoy! there was a point i thought no one was reading me... and you're right, i had a great light-bulb moment with the lemon thyme (have since replaced the old one). the sauce sans chicken is also very nice. i've tried it with just zucchini and pasta, yammy!

    have a great weekend!


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