May 19, 2012

glad i'm not a gravedigger

when i told my mom that i was planting blueberries, she called me silly and said the woods are filled with them. true, but mom, in case you haven't noticed, i don't go to the woods in blueberry season, it's no secret that i hate all the flying bugs (moose flies, mostly). i figured that by planting two bushes at the shack i'd eventually get enough blueberries for a pie, or two.

they say that blueberries thrive in forest-like conditions...i figured this spot would cater those.

i had no idea how hard i would have to fight nature to clear this patch.

here they are, aino and norther blue. aino is a hybrid between an older finnish cultivar arne and canadian by the name or august. northern blue is another canadian cultivar. both are hardy in zones I-IV in finland. while reading about blueberries i found out that us europeans got the american high bush variety only in 1930s.

i debated with myself for a while whether to use the root-proof fabric, decided to do that. there were so many roots in the soil that the fabric will at least hinder the root, if not completely stop them. the fabric gives the blueberries at least a chance to establish themselves. i mixed regular garden soil with bark mulch to make the soil more "woodsy".

off limits for rabbits...

all these rocks from that hole.

as usual, the dog was seriously neglecting his guarding duties.

this is why i'm glad i'm not a gravedigger. it took me a long time to dig a hole deep enough, and it is not nowhere deep enough to bury anything. you have no idea how badly i'm aching in curious places.

in the midst of this project the dog suddenly got up and started staring at one spot, and would have gone closer if not for his wire. certain someone went to inspect and found this tiny field vole making little squeaks. we think he was a baby, certain someone took him to the fields and we hope he appreciates that by not returning to destroy our garden...had the dog had his way...let's just say it wouldn't have been pretty.

i'm starting to feel like i'm repeating myself. used the root-proof fabric, not so many roots here but i'm so lazy what comes to weeding. all this fuzz (hopefully) prevents weeds from getting to firm of grip around the bushes.

oh, i forgot, these are black currants, a finnish cultivar called mortti and i forgot the other...see, i really need to start the garden journal!

i'm glad i saved the labels that came with the plants.

another site off limits for rabbits...

the garden is starting to shape up. next job is to make a fence around the raised beds...

...and plant the raspberries.

all this from all the digging i've been doing...would potatoes like it in there? i think i'll try, not a huge loss if nothing comes up...


  1. I have been doing a very small amount of planting, no digging thank goodness, and I am exhausted !
    Love the very brave guard dog !
    The little vole is so sweet. I too have to work to keep the packrats and rabbits out of my very small garden.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. hi parsnip,
      i would love to have someone come, plan and plant (and pay!) the garden at the shack. seems the work is never-ending...
      yes, the vole was almost too cute to let go. unfortunately i've seen the dog eating one...


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