Apr 23, 2012

red in the city

red seems to pop up in the darkly clad city. FDNY somewhere in midtown

fresh blooms in central park

rose petals on west 28th str

scooter on 6th av in chelsea

parking nyc style

are these still in use?

check that hair!

not a fan of the horse buggy-rides

urban what!?

somewhere in west village

stepping ahead, pier 17

what's up with the flag pants?

roof-top garden

buggy-bikes at the dakota, central park

central park

not exactly red, but very color coordinated

queensboro plaza station


  1. ah, I'll have to come back for more about your trip.
    I heard though that the weather was quite good that week, so you were lucky. April can be fickle here.

    Great shots!!

  2. thanks!

    first days were a bit on the chilly side, but then it got hot, i got greedy and sun burned...


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