Apr 20, 2012

happy pooch

we got back from nyc on wednesday morning. it seems the older i get, the worse jetlag hits me. long gone are days when after 8h flight from the US, i'd go and do a 12h night shift without a wink, sigh. nowadays it seems that my brain skips a beat, or two, for days. oh well, the trip was well worth any jetlag!

the pooch then...the poor thing was all squeals and desperately wagging tails. certain someone has taken a habit of getting the dog a toy from our trips. he got a coyote from canada, an owl from lapland, and a monkey (?) from nyc. at first he just stared at the monkey...

...then totally ignored it...

...needed some siccing...

...that, and the fact that the monkey makes a monkey noise, made the dog get interested.

the monkey got quite a ride

eventually it didn't take long for the dog to realize that the monkey was his, and tried his best to look mean when i tried to take it from him.

the mean streak didn't last long, the monkey surely provided a lot of fun.

"so you're saying this is mine?"

"hmm, ok, thanks, i guess"

the monkey got badly drooled...

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  1. This is such a funny post!!!
    Buster sends love!


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