Mar 25, 2012

year of a tree

i wanted to record what happens around a tree during one year. i had been walking past this tree numerous times with the dog and thought it would make an interesting subject. my plan was to take a picture of the tree every time i passed it with the dog, from the same spot.

in the beginning, there were a few occasions on which i had to turn back to get the camera (quickly learned to check i had it with me). sometimes in the winter it was too late and dark to get a picture at all, and sometimes it was raining way too much to take out the camera. the dog quickly learned that we had to stop at this particular spot and waited patiently (a small miracle).

first picture was taken on august 7th 2010, the last on july 27th 2011.

1 comment:

  1. This is stunning!
    I have posted it to Facebook ( I think)
    so glad you will be in New York soon.


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