Mar 31, 2012

it might come soon

spring that is, some days it takes giant leaps. like monday, at 9.55 am these little ones were almost buried in the icy, slushy snow... 3.10 pm they were all exposed to the warming sun and the snow was but a memory.

4 days later they are all out and beginning to bloom.

the dog is enjoying the warming sun, and keeping ferocious guard in the yard (poor squirrels).

most of the herb garden is exposed, i think the sage and both the thymes (lemon and regular) survived winter, lemon thyme is very fragrant already. made me want to cook lemon chicken...

these tulips with funky color leaves are finding their way above ground, too.

the dog couldn't care less about the tulips.

i found these by the house and vaguely remember planting some bulbs there, oh, four or five years ago. never seen these before, could be they bloom so early for such a short time that i've missed them!

these are the buds of a tree onion. i found them on a brittle dry stalk and half buried them in the soil thinking they might have better chance of growing there.

i wish i had had my camera ready to film how the dog "makes a bed" for himself in the snow. it is quite amusing and not a task he takes lightly. there is a lot of jumping up and down and scraping the snow before laying down.

there are still a few places along the walks where the snow is almost belly-deep for the dog. had i known how deep the snow still is, i would have avoided that particular route. the dog was very happy in the snow (lots of deer and rabbit smells around) but my poor butt was aching for tramping in the snow.

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