Nov 20, 2011

you know it's almost winter when...

the chimney sweeper comes for the yearly visit

you start using the fireplace again, to heat

you neighbour gets a new puppy. well, i guess they can do that any time of year, but this puppy is so cute...

time to change the tyres

start drinking the "remedies" to scare off the flu. 1 tsp of honey to one glass of ginger infused water, every morning, room temp. not sure if this helps, or me washing my hands a lot...avoiding other people might be the best way not to get a cold, perhaps not the easiest, though.

the dog starts sleeping indoors in the day time...

...very close to the chair anyone is sitting on

the roof of car looks like this in the morning

you wonder if the oregano can still be used...

...or the sage...

...and the thyme.

when the shadows are long and sun barely makes it above the horizon...

...and shines thru stuff.

you curse your lazy ass for not planting these last week when the ground wasn't frozen

when the water in the dog's water bowl is one solid piece of ice...


  1. Just catching up with your fabulous blog! LOVE you Love your blog! Love your photos of all sorts- the fungi especially interesting!
    Your squirrel with extravagant ears and the pooch who begs- yes, they do that well, don't they?
    What beautiful country you live in!
    Sorry for your hurt wrist...terribly awkward to try to do everything one handed!

  2. thank you, linda sue, you're so kind!


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