Nov 12, 2011

good riddance, and other things

yesterday, finally, i got rid of the cast. i snapped pictures of the x-rays taken before and after the surgery...the first one shows clearly what the problem was, besides the fact the there was no soft tissue in between the ulna and radius...

after...the doctor chiselled off the weird growth (that grew there in just 18 months, after the firt surgery). the ligament (sutured into a pillow-like form) taken from my thigh is now approx where the arrow is, filling that carved area. another doctor called this procedure "ambitious attemp" and asked what the back-up plan was...not sure how i should take that.

my doctor says it will take 6 months to determine whether this works, or not. the other procedure discussed was a scheker DRUJ prosthesis. obviously, i'm hoping this will have been the last surgery on the wrist, but it won't be a surprise if it wasn't...

the scars are no worse than before. the latest on the left, the one on the right is from 20 odd years ago. mobily in the wrist is ridiculous, getting a fork-load of food into my mouth is an effort. i'm doing exercises to remedy that problem.

a new little shop has been opened in the sello mall in espoo, it is called toivo. they sell mainly local and organic produce, and baked goods from small local bakery.

they have jams, jellies, juices, pastas, beans, nuts and such. i got organic whole wheat spelt spaghetti, hulled hemp seeds and maple syrup. hope the hemp seeds won't get me into trouble...

i still can't get over that the flowers are starting to bloom in mid-november!

i'm waiting for snow for the full moon pics to be more dramatic.

eternal begger, the dog

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