Aug 14, 2011

orange (color) chicken

choosing the right pan/pot to make this dish is probably the hardest want a pan with at least 2 inch side and a lid.

the chicken didn't make it in this picture as raw chicken really isn't that photogenic... but along with 500 gr chicken (any kind without the bones) here is what went in:

2 dl cooking cream (as light or heavy as you want)
2 nectarines (a bit on the raw side is fine)
1 sweet potato (a small one or half of a bif one)
4 medium carrots
200 gr sweet corn (in a can or frozen)
curry paste to taste (i used one heaping tbsp)

practiced my zen by chopping everything to bite size pieces.

then browned the chicken, quite lightly as can be seen before adding the carrots for a few minutes...

...before adding the cream and curry paste and let cook for 5 mins before...

...adding the sweet potato and nectarines and letting simmer for 15 mins.

when the veggies were done, i added the corn and turned off the heat, you really don't need to cook the corn, just get it warmed.

this batch serves four. i didn't bother with rice or pasta as there was plenty of veggies, but you could cook some and i bet this would serve up to 6. while eating this i thought that coconut milk might work as a replacement for the cream...

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