Aug 20, 2011

anna's club sandwich roll sans chicken

i first saw anna make club sandwich roll in her "fresh" tv-show a couple of years ago and decided that i'd make it, one day.

naturally, when you make this, you will have read the recipe and have all necessary ingredients at hand...don't do like i do, forget one of the main ingredients, namely the chicken...

i followed the recipe except for the amount of yeast, which varies on so many different things. i went with the package instructions, 1 bag (11gr) for 500ml liquid.

i wanted to use sundried tomatoes that weren't in any liquid, but i did soak them in water for 30mins to get them somewhat softer.

they plumped up nicely (as i was making veggie soup, i used the water in the soup)

i took the liberty of eating one rasher of bacon as the recipe called for only 8 and there was 9 in the package... i did not nibble on the grated cheddar.

the dough almost escaped. i did have to use almost 2 cups more flour than in the recipe. the dought was still a bit on the sticky side. there seemed to be so much dough that i decided i'd make two loaves.

one loaf with bacon, cheddar and tomatoes, the other with cured ham, cheddar and tomatoes.

here hoping all goes well...

the smell of baking break is amazing. loaves looked like they were done after 40 mins

on hindsight, i think i could have squeezed all of the dough into one pan. then i might not have had the airy bubble on top. on the other hand, it tasted great. will definitely try another time, with chicken.


  1. yum!
    The whole baking thing is new to me. Cooking is a lot of work in itself. But this seems to be a little of both.

    You're brave to experiment with a baking recipe. Baking is more of a science. Mark scolds me for not following a recipe exactly. lol.

  2. this certainly was yammy!

    with cakes and such you really need to pay attention to a recipe, usually yeast doughs are pretty forgiving to exprimenting.

    thanks for stopping by!


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