May 2, 2011

swiss trip II, details, flora & some fauna

more (a lot) from switzerland...this post is all about little details, curiosities, and pretty things. the shutters of my friend's house.

i thought these guys were french?!?

at kartause ittenger, by the stable, somewhere to park your horse...

i wished it had rained, the gushing water would have made quite a sight.

more of the same, in fact, these dragons were all over.

i would not have thought of putting a face on this shutter stopper...

house decoration in diessenhofen


my friend's cat, monster. her tail really is that short, there was an accident...

although she is very catlike in many ways, she does not meow but bark.

morning dew on primroses at kartause ittinger

i want these in my garden...

i must have told you i love pink?

my friend's neighbour

a very elizabethian picture of branches.

want these too!

my friend's horses

there are lots more pics, i will only pain you with one more a day or two.

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