May 4, 2011

salmon and asparagus tart, from delicious, my way

as i've mentioned, i've taken a habit to mark interesting recipes in the magazines. the may issue of delicious got 5 marks (so far..). i tried the salmon and asparagus tart from the article cost-conscious suppers the other night. well, i read the recipe and made do with what i had...

i used puff pastry instead of shortcrust, cold smoked salmon instead of salmon fillet and red for yellow onion, but the rest of ingredients were close enough to the original recipe.

did my blind baking, dutyfully...those peas must have been in the oven for a dozen or more times...

sauteed the thinly sliced onion and let cool a bit before placing on the base along with the sliced salmon.

blanched and halved the asparagus as the sprigs were quite thick.

on the left, that's how the tart looked in the magazine. on the right, my puffed version.

i my mind i imagined how nice a salad of mixed greens with lemon vinaigette would have been with this. but i was lazy and ate it as is...delish!

i still have to figure out what the system of posting recipes online is for the magazine. there are quite few online, maybe it was just me not finding this one, yet.

ps. as i write this i'm pissed off (pardon the expression) beyond belief at my doctor, the surgeon. although i fully agree on his reasons for wanting to try a new procedure on my wrist, i would have appreciated him telling me that this procedure is, in fact, so new that there isn't a license (in finland) for its use yet. since january, they've (the hospital) been telling me that my surgery will take place latest june, by midsummer.

had i not called them on monday, i would have waited and waited, until august, if not longer, to hear anything from the hospital. i have tried to live with the pain, reminding myself that people live with more devastating conditions, but that helps only so far. i can see how the nagging pain seeps into my behaviour and i become nasty, and i don't like it. i have pain-killers but they have their side-effects.

it's infuriating not having been able to plan anything for early summer and now this will continue for i don't even know how long. like, when do they get the license? how long it takes before my surgery takes place after that? will it be august? october? december, worse yet, next year??

yesterday i spent an hour, in vain, trying to find out which institution grants those licenses. from the hospital, i was given the phone number for my doctor but so far i have resisted the urge to call him, i don't think anything constructive would come out of my mouth right now. i might email him, next week, when i'm in a calmer state of mind...

i won't even start on what i think of my supervisor who couldn't be man enough concerning his issues about the timing of my leave. he knows who he is.

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