Mar 24, 2011

spelt risotto

i was anxious to try the risotto spelt i got from vääksyn mylly (mentioned in my last post). i still need to go to italy to eat "proper" risotto, but this turned out great.

beside the risotto spelt i used onion, garlic, spinach and dried mushrooms.

i still have a lot of dried mushrooms that i try to incorporate into as many dishes i can (and remember...perhaps i should move the jars from the top shelf to a more prominent place...). a little of the dried mushrooms goes a long way, just pour boiling water on top...

...the mushrooms puff up in no time.

as with any other risotto i started by sauteeing minced onion and the spelt in rape seed oil

then added the mushrooms, grated garlic and spinach which was still a bit frozen...

...then added low-sodium vegetable stock and let simmer on low for 25 mins. at this point i felt like the evil witch cooking up concoctions...the color wasn't very appetizing.

added grated parmesan towards the end on the cooking time.

at the end the color had tamed a bit. seasoned the risotto with just crushed black pepper. certain someone said it was very tasty, i have to agree. one of these days i need to make a risotto with wine and cream and all the other fancy necessities to compare with this very rustic version.

while the risotto was cooking i was pestering the dog...the dog has come a long way from running under the table at the sight of a camera but i don't think he enjoys the attention of a camera. he didn't outright move away from me, but did give me a very bored look...

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