Mar 7, 2011

little bling & other things

these past few weeks haven't done anything good to my aging body (feel free to laugh), aches here and there. that aside, this little bling is so pretty it makes me happy. seepia from work makes and sells them. this bracelet is from (the aptly named) aim so häpi! series (that would be "i'm so happy" for those of you who don't "read finnish"...

i'm not the only one getting old. this beast has mellowed so much that i'm starting to think someone has changed him for another dog. he has taken to sleeping under the table and resting his head on the trestle of the table.

the dog has grown very hairy paws this winter...

i might have mentioned that the magazines i subscribe have recently had many interesting, if only there was time to try them all!

certain someone has, on more than one occasion, reminded me of the number of cookbooks i already own. however, amazon was kind enough to ship these to me. i will be trying macarons in the near future. tried them last may, but wasn't quite happy with the results.

confession time...i'm, gasp, a maplesyrupholic! the other day i was taking out recycleables and found not one but 4 empty bottles of maple syrup and got a little scare, do i actually eat it this much? that needs to change, i have to start eating natural yogurt with berries for breakfast more often, sans maple syrup!

last week i finally got rid of my comfy armchair, it went to a good home. there is the floor to sit on, or this to peddle... from now on, i really shouldn't have any more excuses not to exercise even in foul weather...


  1. Every morning getting up is also difficult for me, but after a warm shower I feel much better.
    Thank you for your visit and comment. Yes our governments do too little for women from other cultures. Some women escape to what we call "Don't touch me"houses, but even there angry relatives can find them. There is also Honour Killing here in my country. A younger brother often has to do it, because he won't be punished like an adult. There are so many stories of atrocity. It's like you said the tip of an iceberg. Well I wish you a happy Women's Day!

  2. hi, reader wil!

    sad stories around the world, we must continue to address the issue also after women's day is over.

    thank you for stopping by. hope spring and warming sun will eventually make getting up easier...


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