Mar 9, 2011

jumbo size laskiaispulla

for some reason i made the first batch of laskiaispulla already a month ago, maybe because lent was in the mid february last year, or something.

i wanted to experiment a little and made a normal pulla dough but baked it into 3 jumbo buns.

first divided the dough into three pieces and formed them into huge balls which i places in paper baking tins (more or less to secure them from spreading allover in the oven). here, all three after the second rise getting an eggwash.

sprinkled some slivered almonds on top before...

...placing them into 190C oven for 15 mins.

once cooled, i cut top third off with serrated knfie...

...and took out the strawberry jam and marzipan.

i decided to grate the marzipan in order to be able to spread it more evenly on the bun.

as this was to be his and hers, the other half got jam.

generous amount of whipped cream before placing the "lid" on.

i would like to be able to tell that this served 8, the truth is closer to 3...


  1. I think it is the cream that really gives this recipe lift off!!
    save some for me!

  2. i know! and i'd like to add that the cream was no skinny version but the fattest available. i'll put the kettle on, what time shall i pick you up from the airport? ;)


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