Feb 18, 2011

grated soup gone slightly east

the grated soup i made at the cottage last week was so good i tried to replicate it at the shack. had to add some creme fraiche as garnish (well, it was approaching its best by date anyway...)

this time i added one single bulb garlic (chinese garlic?), coconut milk and hot-sauce.

as with the original version i grated everything, this time using a powertool... although grating the onion does make one cry one's eyes out, i still recommed grating to mincing as the onion disappears into the soup completely.

another powertool, this one is so handy, it gets used the most at the shack

i dared to add this much, or rather little, of the hot-sauce...just the right amount to give little something extra. like usual, no salt added as i like my soup sweet, and the garlic and ginger widen the taste, too. oh so simple, oh so good!

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