Jan 23, 2011

mac and chicken casserole

this dish feeds a crowd, is ridiculously simple and easy to make and only uses 5 ingredients: cooking cream (i used 7%), curry paste (mild or hot), chicken tenderloins (or fillets), pasta (torino rye pasta) and leek.

not sure what i was thinking making such a huge patch of this...but this halves easily. anyways, started by mixing 5 dl of cream (go as light or fatty as you like, or change it to any stock) with 2 heaping tbsp of mild curry paste (i like rajah). put that aside and cook the pasta (500gr) according to package instructions, leave slightly under-cooked.

brown 600 gr of chicken tenderloins (the tiny muscle in the chicken breast), i wanted to have the tenderloins in big chunks to give texture.

mince and sautee a leek (25 cm)

place half of the cooked pasta on a oven dish...

arrange the chicken and leeks on top, add the rest of pasta, and pour the cream and curry mixture on top, place in 200C oven for 30 mins (or until cream is bubbly).

technically, you really don't have to cook this in the oven to finish it. the pasta and tenderloins are almost cooked, if you put them in a huge pot, add the cream and bring the mixture to a boil on the stove while mixing it occasionally, you could skip the oven part all together.

i had some cheese in the fridge but opted not to add any to this, don't let that stop you!

i happen to like the whole wheat/rye pastas, nothing stopping you from using all white, if that is what you like (remember to get your fiber somewhere else, though!)

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