Jan 22, 2011

crab and gruyère soufflés

until yesterday i was a soufflé-virgin...

some time ago i noticed the existence of delicious magazine and with not much thinking i subscribed it...there's been many interesting recipes and in january issue i found a recipe for crab and gruyère soufflés. also, certain someone and i happened to be shopping earlier this week and i came about soufflés dishes that were on sale...clearly karma telling me the time for soufflé had arrived.

you'll only be seeing pictures of the dishes in various stages, i was nervous (and had something else cooking at the same time, not a good idea...). i made half the recipe since there were just the two of us. dishes buttered and breadcrumbed, ready for more

the recipe says to use 1½ dl soufflé dishes, i did, but with half the recipe i got 4 and the was plenty left in the bowl for the dog to lick. recipe should make 6 portions. i left the red chilli out, was too busy mixing and whipping to conduct a search in the fridge, and used different kind of crab meat.

as the soufflés started to rise and brown on top, and certain someone not yet home from work, i was starting to get really nervous... certain someone appeared in the nick of time to help me get these out of the oven.

i was dreading for the moment the soufflés would collapse, it did not come!

the taste was amazing, like really delicious fluff with bites of crab meat.

certain someone was asking whether this was fancy food and would we ever go to a restaurant to eat this...nope, we won't, but why would one, this really isn't that difficult to make. i'm thinking soufflé has a bad reputation as being "challenging" because fancy chefs don't want people trying this at home! besides, so what if it collapses...it's still eatable.

ps. went to the doctor's yesterday, namely three (!) surgeons. these guys seemed to think that prosthesis isn't what i need, not sure if that is good or bad news. it's now decided that they will scrape some more bone off and place wonder-material (i forgot the name of it) which will grow matter on and in itself to perform as buffer between my ulna and radius (i hope i got it right...). if this doesn't work there are still more options to try and fix my wrist. their thinking was that if they do the prosthesis now, it's pretty much it, all other options after that wouldn't be improving the situation, just barely maintaining what is left.

oh, and the schedule? there is no wonder-material to be had in the whole wide world, they don't know when there will be any, they need to call the factory. the surgery would take place, if extremely lucky in getting some material, late spring, but more likely in early august!!! i'm so not a happy camper!!!!!!! i did tell them that i will go bananas if i have to wait until august...


  1. Did you use cream of tartar on these? I didn´t use on my souffles and I think that´s why they flattened a bit.

  2. yes i did, have smuggled some from USA... haven't found any in finland, or i did as in potassium bitartrate at the pharmacy but they sell it by kilos... some recipes call for a pinch of salt instead of cream of tartar for whipping egg whites...


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