Dec 23, 2010

twice with pak choi, soup & stir fry

besides the market hall there are several asian markets in hakaniemi. one i visited was oriental supermarket, that is one of the few shops in helsinki that carry pak choi. my only groan is that they sell pak choi in huge bags...

on tuesday i made a soup of the other half. started by washing and slicing three pak chois

then chopped 3 green onions

put the soup kettle on and added 2 tbsp of this into one liter of boiling water

added the white parts of pak choi and green onion, and cooked them for a minute before...

...adding the green parts of pak choi...

...and odd collection of shrimp i had in the freezer

dug out some rice noodles as well, cooked those and added to the soup

on wednesday i used the remaining 3 pak chois for a stir fry (or something to that effect...) chopped also 3 carrots and one medium onion

sliced some turkey to go with. the turkey breast i bought for christmas was humongous, 3,2 kg. while butterflying the turkey breast i removed some of the meat to use in this dish. i think we'll still have plenty of turkey for christmas...

browned the sliced meat on a hot pan, added the carrots and onion, cooked for a few minutes more to make sure the meat is fully cooked, then added 2 tbsp hoisin sauce, cooked rice noodles and the chopped pak choi. oh, and cashew nuts, mixed well and here is wednesday's dinner

1 comment:

  1. Looks delicious!
    yum yum

    Yes, you will have plenty of turkey for Christmas.

    I am really enjoying the gorgeous little green dish you gave me--
    the chocolates are very distant history now!!

    Very cold here but no snow yet.
    Our daughter is still in London.
    Trapped by the snow there.
    and a pat for the dog
    Elizabeth and family


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