Dec 22, 2010

shopping & more of snow

if hakaniemen halli (hakaniemi market hall) was more conviniently located as to whereabouts i wander, i would spend a lot more time there. i have, however, told certain someone that one day i want to live within easy tramride away from the hall. whether this will ever happen is another another matter.

monday i went there with purpose to get some turkey for xmas, but couldn't resist taking a tour upstairs. food vendors are downstairs, other merchandise upstairs. some of the shops sell quite regular stuff, some are more touristicky (is that a word?)...i did buy something from upstairs but santa might be upset if i told you how i helped him

there are a few specialist shops, like this punainen lanka for buttons, lace and ribbons. i had to pass it quickly as i have more nicks and nacks for any of my possible future sewing projects, and then some.

this shop i had to stop at, the colors of these yarns were too juicy, more colors on their website vihreä vyyhti oy. almost without realizing, i had started picking out colors, but then remembered the amount of yarn i already have and my sore wrist, i took a picture instead. the shopkeeper was very understanding when i told her about my dilemma.

very, very sinfull, i know, and not very christmassy, but i really was hungry!

view from the window at work, sunday afternoon

seems like my neighbour isn't an avid biker

love the feathery frost on the window

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