Nov 8, 2010

difficult & 3 easy ones

the last week or so has been difficult, ever since my last doctor's appointment. i get that the wrist isn't well, what eats me up is the fact that i can feel it getting worse and i have no idea why. right now i'm almost back to where this started a year ago and wearing a wrist support. the pain is back, not as severe as it has been, but it's lurking around and making my patience work overtime. i'm starting to find it difficult to be polite at work because of it, and that is not good. so not good.

but i've cooked...easy things, very easy. like this 4 ingredient dish: whole wheat coucous, broccoli, sundried tomatoes in oil and chicken cutlets. 15 minutes and you'll have dinner, or in my case, lunch to work.

brown the chicken on a hot pan, 3 to 4 mins per side, turn off the heat, place lid on pan, leave pan on the stove while you cook the cousous according to package instructions. to the cousous, add broccoli, tomatoes and 2 to 3 tbsp of the oil of tomatoes, mix well, and you're done. i was tempted to add some sesame oil to this...maybe next time

this salad is ridiculously easy: any salad greens (arugula works especially well), persimon and brie...

...slice the persimon and brie (best to cut it when cold), arrange slices on the greens, let sit for 30 mins for the brie to come to room temperature, drizzle with balsamico and olive oil

now, everyone knows how to make a fruit salad, right? my latest craving has been a mix of cantaloupe, pears and grapes

just peel and chop cantaloupe and pears, wash the grapes and mix all in a big bowl. packs easy to work and is guilt-free munchies even late at night...although, i have really fough the temptation to add some maple syrup to the mix...

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