Oct 31, 2010

chocolate swiss roll lightened up

i was tempted to make a proper birthday cake for certain someone, but that kind of cakes usually require outragious amounts of butter. therefore, i decided to make one that had no butter. traditionally the filling of chocolate swiss roll in made with butter but i took a light way out...

there are a number of good swiss roll recipes around, i used one from the book tee hyvä kakku, the author's website is good, too

whisking the eggs seemed to take forever...

finally managed to get the eggs and sugar "fluffy" enough to add the flour/cacao powder mixture

trick from the book, roll the roll (hih) in parchment paper right after oven, that way you won't have cracks on the surface

once cooled, unroll the cake sheet and get spreading. i made my filling with 2.5 dl quark, 1 dl whipping cream, ½ dl sugar and ½ real vanilla sugar (vanilla extract would work too). our quark is rather stiff and tart to my taste, therefore the cream and sugar. but i think in a pinch you could get away with just whipping the quark and some sugar into a smoother consistency

with the help of parchment paper, roll it back into a log...

...like this. now, it's up to you and your conscience whether you leave the unsightly ends like this, or whether you trim them and not tell anyone what you did with them. main thing is, if you're planning to serve any of it as a dessert or with coffee to others, you might not want to trim off too much...

this roll benefits a night in the fridge but can be served right after filling

i was tempted to whip rest of the cream to go with this, opted not to, but you could!

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