Oct 13, 2010

tipsy moose in retro pot

mom always digs deep in the freezer when i'm going to the cottage...this time she pulled out 2 moose roasts, one i prepared at the cottage (more about that tomorrow) the other marinated in 2 dl of this... (rest of the wine was consumed with the other roast)

i had already soaked this retro römertopf pot for 20 mins before pouring in 2 tbsp of olive oil. i can't remember when and why i stopped using these pots (i have 2), they are very handy and reduce the hands on time considerably

i did take a picture of the meat after it had soaked in the wine for 48 hrs, but let's just say that the meat wasn't that photogenic and leave at that. i made a mix (and a slight mess) of 4 diced carrots, 200 gr of white cabbage shredded (quite fine), one minced medium onion, 1 cup of rice, 3 grated cloves of garlic and 1 cup of vegetable stock.

i made a nice bed for the tied roast, then seasoned the meat generously with crushed black pepper, closed the lid, placed the pot in a COLD oven and only then turned the temp to 200C

after 2 hrs the rice was cooked, the veggies tender and the inside temp of the meat was 80C

we had just finished the pike dinner so i certainly wasn't hungry when i took the pot out of the oven, but couldn't resist a bite to taste it...

the whole batch made 4 lunches to go, and the cold meat is excellent on rye bread

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