Oct 14, 2010

the other moose roast

this moose roast couldn't be simpler, just peel and chop some root veggies and onions, throw them into a roasting bag (another brand here), tie and season the roast and place on the veggies, close the bag and cut off little bit of a corner to let out steam...

i went heavy with onions

but also used carrots and parsnips. i seasoned everything very lightly (salt, rosemary), those who like salt can add some at the table

cooked in 180C oven for 2hrs, the meat was falling apart. i did roast some red beets as weel, but in a separate bag, they would have made everything reddish (not very appetizing...)

i do like using the bags, there's no messy oven to clean up, all the juices are gathered in the bag and are easy to pour into a sauce pan for making gravy, meats come out juicy (this time mine might have stayed a tad bit too long in the oven...) this kind of cooking works well with all kind of meats, and veggies, too.


  1. So delicious looking!
    I have never used a roasting bag but maybe I should try.
    Was up at the Union Square Market the other day and thought of you.
    If you come back in November you must come to meet Buster.
    I don't know if you watch Martha Stewart but he will be at a Halloween taping he may be on TV!!!!
    all best wishes

  2. thanks, it was...with roasting bags you don't have to clean the oven, which in my book is always a good thing!

    we don't get martha here but i sometimes watch episodes online, i'll be sure to look for the halloween show and for buster. i've even been to a couple of tapings myself and managed to be on tv, for my 5 seconds...

    as for november, i haven't booked tickets yet, but nyc is definitely in the plans, as is meeting buster! i will email you once i know my dates.

    stay safe


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