Oct 23, 2010

smooth veggies, a soup

veggies are good for you and you should eat more of them. as someone who, despite a public promise to do so, didn't loose "some" fat during the last 12 months, i need to get back to basics and these soups...

for this soup i used 200 gr carrots, 100 gr parsnip and 100 gr rutabaga. any other combination of root veggies will do

some leek (or onion) gives depth to flavor. had a 15 cm piece of the white and light green part

minced it and sauteed in 1 tbsp of rape seed oil to wilt before adding 2 cups of vegetable stock

chopped the root veggies quite roughly (grating them makes cooking faster, but grating adds hands on time...)

15 - 20 mins later, or when the veggies are soft, take out your immersion blender (or any other gadget that purees) and make it work. on the other hand, you could also use a potato masher, the soup will not be as smooth but it's still as tasty...

i pureed mine quite smooth, added ½ tsp dried tarragon (fresh is fine, too, as is any other dried or fresh herb). i happened to have some 10% cooking cream in the fridge, so used 2 dl of that to thin out the soup, you could use vegetable stock, cream cheese or milk as well. now would be the time to add salt, if salt is your thing.

to serve, i toasted some rye bread, cut it in squares and added a blob of creme fraiche...i did have seconds...you could be a good girl/boy and not add creme fraiche which isn't exactly "light"

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