Oct 18, 2010

around georgian bay

since i won't be doing any cooking this week i thought it might be time for pics from our "north american tour", albeit short one...

getting ready to for a boat tour on georgian bay, weather was perfect, slight breeze and +30C.

we were told this is someone's summer "cottage", i'd love to see their house proper.

wasauksing swing bridge.

the scenery, despite the white pines, were almost like back home.

enjoying the good life.

the craganmor restaurant and lodge.

this hinkley picnic boat was moored at craganmor. and how would i know what this boat is called? well, martha has one...

we stopped at craganmor for lunch only to be told that the catch of the day was on its way...we had some chips, and beers, and by the time the catch hit (literally) the quay, we weren't hungry anymore.

i fell in love with certain someone's cousin's house. the cousin and his wife designed it, had an architect to draw the blueprints, i cannot imagine a different kind of house on that particular location. the scenes are amazing, this from our bedroom window.

i also loved how the house was decorated, with antiques, all mixed well into modern living and not just as show pieces.

ps. cousin and wife, thank you for your hospitality!

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