Aug 20, 2010

kale soup

last week i saw something interesting in the veggie isle and decided to take a closer look, the package said "kale". well, it said lehtikaali but that is kale in finnish. i think that was the first time i ever saw any kale for sale in finland, or any other country for that matter.

i knew kale is super good for you, i bought a package not quite sure how i would cook it

i studied several cookbooks to figure out how to prepare the kale. they all said to trim the hardest part of stem off

i minced the leaves, very roughly and cooked them in little water for 10 mins to wilt them, then removed and drained it

used one onion, minced quite fine

i used herbamare bullion powder, thyme, butter and all purpose flour

beurre manie, butter and flour mixed together for thickening the soup

sauteeing the onions

i thought cream cheese with sun-dried tomatoes would be a nice addition and added one heaping tbsp. after adding the cream cheese i took out my immersion blender (and remembered to cover part of kettle with towel in order not to spray the walls) and pureed the soup. i didn't puree it too fine, as i wanted to leave some bite to it

i liked the soup, though it tasted very "healthy"...certain someone took some but then suddenly decided that he wasn't hungry after all...i guess i won't be making this soup at the shack any time soon...however, i will buy some more to try other recipes with it

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  1. Yummy post! And thank you for the link. My friend and I are planning a trip to Finland maybe next spring, I, for felting, she, to look up family. There are amazing felters in Finland! It is the mecca! Thank you!


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