Aug 20, 2010

crafty me II

every car i've ever owned has had towels as seat all started with my -72 bright yellow beetle. the seats were in horrible condition, i got bright blue towels to cover them up. i also used the same towels in my next beetle, a -67 black beauty in which my feet got when driving in rainy weather, but other than that, i loved that car.

then i had a -86 vw golf (see a pattern here?) it also had some slight water issues...front passenger got his/her feet wet when it was raining, this really started to bug me. then i had another vw, a -97 polo. it was fairly desent car, except the locks would keep freezing in the winter (and yes, i did try every trick and then some to prevent it). it was quite emrassasing to enter the car via tailgate. for the polo i another set of blue towels.

now i drive a -03 vw golf station wagon (if they are called that?) for it i got these bright colored towels from ikea years ago, not because the seats were messy but to protect them from getting that way.

i first just poked holes in the towels where the head rest dovels where, but soon discovered that the fabric started tearing...

i then got some grommets and took out my sewing machine. i first ironed the buckram onto the towel, then reinformced it by stitching all over it with the machine, then placed the grommets on

the right side, reinforced but the stitches barely noticeable

i have these only on the front seats. as these are attached only on the top, the side airbags will be able to function if needed

might have to get these for the back seat as well, if there were messy kids around...i have a bad habit of eating while driving, the towel is so much easier to wash the seat itself

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