Jul 20, 2010

flora & fauna

it seems that the peonies lasted only a week this year, could be the heat, could be how the stars were aligned. i took tons of pictures of them but i'll spare you and post only a few.

this, to me, is very close to a perfect color combination, LOVE the pink

or, maybe this pink is prettier?

all that ruffle about to burst

as beautiful as these are...

...they are no match for these budding beauties right after refreshing rain

the same rain that refreshed the peonies soaked me and the dog. i like walking in pouring rain, i'm not entirely sure the dog was all too happy

despite the cradle i made for the peonies, the stems seem to tire under the weight of the flowers

this barn swallow and his/her mate have made a nest on a lamp (not used in the summer) in the carport at the shack. the nest and the pair of them flying around are harmless enough, but the poop that the baby-birds keep dropping on certain someone's car wasn't. it was either move the nest or move the car...certain someone now parks his car under the hot sun...

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