Jul 22, 2010


i've been at the cottage all week and there has been many birdy moments, here are some of them.

these barn swallows had a nest on a lamp right above the balcony, loads of poop...the five babies were fun to watch, it's amazing how close i could get

these two seemed to kinda hang out together

this one then, had i put my hand thru the curtain, i could have touched it

the same one, it was looking around like it would like come in...

these three were a tight pack, just inches away from indoors

tried to capture mama feeding them, but i was too slow

this hungry baby is a blue tit (sinitiainen, parus caeruleus). i wonder why would a bird with so much yellow be called anything blue?

the babies were (well, still are) quite vocal for food

doesn't the mother look a bit tired for flying in all those insects?

mom and dad were sitting at the sauna yesterday evening when they called me to get my camera. this mama red-breasted merganser (tukkakoskelo, mergus serrator) had parked herself and two of her babies on the rocks right next to where we swim after sauna

the mama took off to swim around, leaving the babies on the rock to rest

i was 4 meters from it and shooting away with my camera, it didn't seem to mind

after about five minutes mama circled back to the babies, called for them...

...their descent from the rock was all but gracefull, water suits them so much better

they seem to have had a nest somewhere near as my parents have seen them around before. sadly, the mama bird had more babies then

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