May 8, 2010

manchester III, around town

i think i took close to 500 pictures on this trip...all not necessarily any good, but they help me remember places. here are some moments...

traveller's best buddy, money belt...

view from out hotel window, i liked these river boats. the canals seemed to be all over manchester, it seems you could hire them for a memorably holiday

there was this huge stage-type area right in front of our hotel, i never found out what it is used for (shame on me)

close to our hotel was this monstruous building that made me dizzy, it is the hilton hotel

these buildings are part of the lowry at salford quays. the lowry seems to be kinda artsy place but these...sorry, not to my taste

inside at lowry outlet mall that we accidentally spotted from the restaurant at old trafford. good thing we "found" it, nice shopping at good prices

martha would be pround of my pose...

i visioned someone clipping this lawn with scissors, it looked perfectly manicured

metrolink was handy, and cheap, in getting around (once we figured that there was a station really close to our hotel...)

...namely the gmex station that was high up on a bridge

there were some ruins left from the roman days

more canals, and river boats

more canals

see what i mean about the modern architecture? that junky piece of glass has no business being so close to that beautiful old building

the taxis are not just black any more...

one thing we missed was a night out at a pub. this would have been right next to our hotel

this was on friday evening and people in (or should i say around) this pub were getting rather rowdy

huge, HUGE shopping mall, the arndale, UK's largest inner-city shopping center

one of the shop windows at arndale, there must have been close to 100 sewing machines, if not more, on display in this window. but then again, cotton and sewing would have been one of the things that started the industrial revolution way back when, manchester being one of the leading cities in that revolution

hmm...these were not quirkiest shoes i saw, but you'll get the idea. believe or not, there were women trying their best to move forward in this kind of footwear. very few did it with grace, i might add. but who am i to mock those that tried, 2 inch heels would make me trip over...

one more entry from this trip, the home journey...

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