May 7, 2010

manchester II, food

looking back at the pictures it might seem that we ate a lot...well, kinda but not really...could also be that i've chosen not to share all...

we stayed at the castlefield hotel, very nice staff, but breakfast then, hmm. although i admit i do enjoy this kind of breakfast once in a while, but 5 mornings in a row...they did have fruit salad as well, but that was the only "fresh" item on the breakfast buffet. don't get me wrong, this kind of breakfast carries you well into the afternoon, i just would have wished for some variety

i had made reservations for us at the sapporo teppanyaki for our first evening. i had seen on google maps that this restaurant was very close to our hotel. what an experience, or show rather...japanese beer and some sake

had i known how huge our main courses would be, i would have skipped these dumplings. on the other hand, they were very nice

these guys were quite handy with the utensils, check some the videos on the restaurant website

no, this isn't the restaurant on fire, it was all part of the show

besides this fried rice the main course included stir-fried veggies and potatoes

the boys had teriyaki chicken (lots of it), i had shrimp (yammy!). dinner took about 2 hrs and on hindsight we should have skipped all other meals on that day, i could hardly move after dinner. that was the reason for us to take a long walk (ok, i forced the guys to do it) before returning to the hotel

despite the of the feast the night before...had to try churros, freshly fried at a street stall

this here is called victoria sandwich, my brother had some with coffee one afternoon. i'm told it was tasty, might have to bake one to try. i remember the hairy bikers baking (well, trying to bake one) a victorian sandwich in one of their episodes (hilarious cooking show if you haven't seen it)

another dinner, this time at an italian restaurant called...(hmm, will have to add the name later, sorry). i know wine would have been more "italian" but i wasn't in the mood for wine...besides this is a decent beer, it is!

my starter, classic salad, always good

we also had "garlic bread", this was a great idea. very thin pizza crust brushed with olive oil with garlic on top

my seafood risotto, wonderfull, could have eaten loads more...

my nephew's pasta, which he gulfed in no time, must have been very nice

bro's pizza, i kinda liked the idea of shaving parmesan on the pizza right after it comes out the oven

we did have dessert, but we shared it. well, my nephew and i did, my bro is one of those dubious people who don't eat chocolate. the taste was quite rich and eventhough the portion was rather small, this was plenty even shared

fastforward to another day...this kind of fare was on offer everywhere. i was on holiday so i wasn't going to get picky about the kind of food i ate, but it would have been nice if there'd been something "healthier" to choose from. no wonder jamie oliver preaches about healthier food

oops, yes, well, these are not healthy, but i didn't eat any. honest, ask the boys!

this massive hamburger would be the legendary 10 oz. burger at the hard rock cafe. thankfully, we didn't get appetizers, this burger was huge, none of us could finish theirs. although 3 kids at the next table had no problems, and they had dessert as well (and lots of beer...)

i have no idea how this got into our hotel room (i only had a small bite and i'm sticking to my story)

nephew's afternoon fix

this was my last dinner (how ominous) at the hotel. baked potato (with tuna) is always nice, this was ok as well, after i ditched some of the ridiculous amount of cheese on top

one more entry to come on machester, then one of the way home. after we finally got on our way...

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