Mar 17, 2010

i survived

what was supposed to be a in and out visit to the hospital on friday ended up in me staying there for two nights. i guess some of the anesthetics i was given before/during surgery made me rather sick (i'll spare you the details), and i was out of this world close to 30 hrs.

i was told the surgery went very well, the surgeon fixed a ruptured something besides the obvious problem of osteoarthritis (or something to that effect). again, i'll spare you the details.

the cast they put on my arm isn't small, or lightweight. don't you just love the hospital green?

i'll be getting rid of the huge cast in 3 weeks, but will get a smaller one for few more weeks. typing with just one hand isn't going too fast right now, but i think i'll be posting more regularly in a couple of days. it's not like i have anything else to do with my time!

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