Mar 18, 2010

i cooked today!

well, if boiling some pasta is cooking, then i cooked. i had warmed all the microwave portions (yes, i've stooped to that low) i got last week and really needed to fix something to eat. as there always is some whole wheat pasta in the pantry, i boiled some of that

dug out some (almost forgotten) sweet frisee

some cucumber, mozzarella and sundried tomatoes in oil, which i almost couldn't use because i almost couldn't open the jar. have you ever noticed that opening a jar with just one hand is very, very hard? not impossible, but hard. you need two leather gloves, but you're not wearing either of them...

and did you know that mozzarella cuts up nice with kitchen scissors? the cucumber wasn't that easy, with just one hand the precision of the size of cubes vary greatly

mixed the pasta, mozzarella, cucumber and tomatoes with some of the oil first, then placed some on a bed of frisee. and once i had finished eating, i noticed the fresh basil that would have been great in the salad... oh well, some other time, some other salad

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