Jan 19, 2010

PW's bacon onion cheddar biscuits

let's first pretend that i didn't impose a ban of buying bacon to myself (however, buying it has to stop here!). second, i wouldn't have made these biscuits if someone at work hadn't shown me PW's recipe (you know who you are!)

to my defence i will state that i did strain out all extra bacon fat and if you look closely enough in the pic you'll see that there is a paper towel under the bacon to prove it. also, i wiped the pan before sauteeing the onion.

the chilli is my addition to PW's recipe. although the package says "mild" this particular individual packed quite a heat

i had some left-over five counties cheddar in the fridge that measured almost the 1 cup PW's recipe calls for

i had fresh thyme for something i'm going to make tomorrow, thought that thyme would go well with the bacon and cheese

PW mentioned using a spray to grease the muffin tin and that's when i remembered i had this. not sure why i've bought it, i never remember i have it...

i have tried to figure out what vegetable shortening would be in finnish. i mean, i do know what it "is" but whether we have something to that effect sold in stores, not sure. i just never took the time to find that out, maybe i should?

so, i used butter instead and my pastry blender

the dough will be very thick and sticky

very easy to drop onto tin

baked them in 190C oven for 25 mins

what can i say? i wish it wasn't 8.30 pm so that i could eat more...

these were really nice, a bomb, if you're into counting calories. a veggie version with corn instead of bacon might work nice...

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