Nov 11, 2009


no, i didn't have to go to court to get this verdict, but the doctor's. my left wrist has been bothering me for a while, last 2 weeks it's been getting worse. ever since the first "diagnosis" in the spring i had wanted a second opinion. yesterday i went to get this second opinion, and boy, did i get some!

the blunt, cut the chase verdict was the wrist needs surgery. (for those of you not in the know, i broke the wrist 20 odd yrs ago, it was not healed properly, needed corrective surgery, and a second surgery to remove some steel from it). it's never been "as good as new" since the first injury, but last spring it got really sore. that was fixed with rest and an injection what the doctor called "cocktail", which after 3 days of pain getting worse actually did something and stopped the pain.

now, yesterday... my options seem to be "matched darrach" or "sauve-kapandji", both surgeries (feel free to google them) there was a third option called schenker-prosthesis, but that's not been done in finland yet (and i ain't going to be a guinea pig!). the matched darrach seems to be the more suitable operation. picture in the link shows what's done in the operation. basically, they cut off some bone, drill some holes and get a tendon from somewhere in my body and use that to tie ulna (one of bones in wrist) to where it should stay (stay being the operative word, it seems artrosis has done some damage chewing up tissue, now there is just bone on bone, thus the pain).

the good doctor was kind enough to simplify these procedures to me by drawing them while explaining what's done. i was in kinda haze so most of it got away

both these operations involve a cast, matched darrach for (at least) 4 weeks, sauve-kapandji 6 weeks. good news is get to choose, hah. i'm not a happy camper right now

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