Nov 9, 2009

apple pie

went to get these winter apples from garden yesterday, well, went to see if there were any decent ones to be picked. was pleasantly surprised, there were these and at least enough for 2 more pies.

when i got in and started coring these, noticed that they were almost frozen... now my poor coring tool is close to getting replaced, all bent and twisted

halved and sliced 6 apples, added 2 tbsp of all purpose flour, 3 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp of ground cinnamon to bowl and mixed all that up

made the very basic pie dough (5 dl flour, 2 tbsp sugar, 120 gr low-salt butter, ½ dl coarse corn meal (optional, adds crunch to dough), mix all together with pastry blender, cool for at least 30 mins before rolling and placing on pie dish).

pour the sliced apples on dough, juggle and press gently to spread and pack slices evenly

had these uber cool and handy (yeah, sure!), almost never been used piecrust cutters in the drawer, so thought i might give them a go

this is totally optional and if you made the basic pie dough there wouldn't be any dough left to do this (i cheated and didn't tell you i made more!). my initial idea was to make enough leaves to cover the entire pie... my patience run out and i only made this much. the dough needs to be very well chilled, my first time wasn't as effortless as the video in the link above suggests... this is after eggwash and before baking. oh, did sprinkle 1 tbsp of demerera sugar on top before oven

after 40 mins on bottom section of 200C oven

the leaves are cute, and very crunchy with the eggwash and demerera on top. hmm, would this be a cookie idea?

made a vanilla custard to go with the pie. that custard shouldn't even be mentioned here, let's just say it was made of non-fat milk, potato starch, sugar and vanilla paste. taste was kinda ok, but not making it again, ever. sorry

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