Jul 9, 2009

storms and a cake

it's summer leave so we took a drive and came to the cottage. after sauna we had some pancakes done in a very country way. this "pan" was made to order for my dad but there is a company called muurikka which makes pans like this. now that i checked the site myself the company seems to have lots of cool stuff! the pancakes are easy to make and can be done on stove in a frying pan as well. the batter is similar to crepes batter, just make it a bit thicker. when fried on fire the pancakes need more butter that usual, that's why they are so delicious!

just a curiosity, the grill you see here is recycled. it used to be on a door of a jail cell in my hometown

i thought this white stone looked rather pretty on the mossy rock

this is aquilegia vulgaris. my mom "rescued" it from a yard of a derelict building. i rather like the pink version of this flower, but that wasn't a surprise, was it?

we had quite a storm today, well, actually two since there was an hour of sunshine in between

not that i have anything against stroms but c'mon, it is supposed to summer and sunshine, not rains and storms!

moms potatoes are growing nicely, few weeks more before first ones are ready to eaten

parsley, carrots, beetroots, salad and dill. wonder who wins the contest here, my mom or the forest

all time favourite from alexis' blog and epicurious, cranberry vanilla coffeecake. so good and freezes well, althought operation emptying the freezer isn't supposed to be about easy freezing!

doesn't this make you wanna have coffee and a piece to go with?

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